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Fickle Friends – Interview (EN)

A couple of weeks ago Fickle Friends has entered the stage at the Bi Nuu in Berlin as part of an Introducing. Now I did an interview with Natassja of Fickle Friends and we were talking about their music, the upcoming MELT! Festival 2015 Performance and about a full-length record.

Soundtrack-Of-My-life: How was your London Headline gig on the 24th of February at The Waiting Room? Was that your first headline gig overall?

Natassja: It was great….super intimate so the vibe in the room was really positive. It meant so much to us that everyone there had actually bought tickets to see US.

SOML: How did you guys get into music and where did you hit for the first time?

N: I think we all have a background in music, my mum is a great lover of music and festivals so I’ve never known any different…but everything came together when we met at university and started the band.

SOML: Natassja & Sam you both met up at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Art. Was making music as a band like you now your dream over the years?

N: When I started LIPA I never thought I’d end up fronting a band, you can never predict what’s going to happen…plans change when you meet the right people and we just got lucky. Moving to Brighton gave me more to write about and starting a band was a development of that

SOML: What have ya’ll done before getting a band

N: We’ve all been in bands before, but over the past few years we’ve just been writing and gigging….and trying to get our degrees ha.

SOML: The word Fickle means in German ‘Wankelmut’ – like the German DJ – Why did you choose this word as a band name?

N: I was just a nickname someone gave me once because I always flaked on plans. I liked the alteration and the band name just kinda stuck.

SOML: SWIM was your first big hit with nearly 800.000 clicks on Soundcloud and summed counts of over 200.000 views on Youtube. What does SWIM means for you and your career so far?

S: SWIM was so important as it was our first introduction into the music industry. Everything we’ve had the chance to do over the past year all stems from releasing that song at the right time. It’s  relatable and swimming with nostalgia (excuse the pun) and we were totally overwhelmed by how much people loved it. It definitely sparked the beginnings of our career.

SOML: And is there a real man behind the meaning of the lyrics of SWIM? Or does somebody affected you to write this lyrics?

N: There’s always kindle to the fire. And yes…I write from experiences and the people who affect me in my life. But I write in half narrative about universal issues that most people experience themselves in one way or another. That way people can empathise and relate.

SOML: In other interviews you have been quoted to not getting away from your independent status until it won’t work anymore. So guess when will be the time to sign a proper deal? Or are you already have offers from record labels?

N: Ha…we’re not going to talk about record deals…it’s always tough and at this moment in time it is increasingly difficult to maintain this pace when we are unsigned. BUT…as we have said before, we are doing what we love and working hard, we’re just waiting for someone who shares our vision.

Fickle Friends
Fickle Friends

SOML: Who would you guys count to your favorite musicians and those who influenced you?

N: If we had to pick 5…Michael Jackson, Phoenix, Bombay Bicycle Club, Little Dragon….oh and Taylor Swift. We LOVE her.

SOML: Your were talking about a new EP beginning of 2015. When can we count with that?

N: You can expect it pretty soon actually…you’ll just have to wait and see.

SOML: Except releasing EPs are you giving your fans the chance to get an fully LP of you this year?

N: We’re sticking to an EP and singles for the time being. We’re writing material for an album all the time but that’s something we’ll do when we’re ready and we have the time/money to make it the best it can be.

SOML: I read an article on the Billboard Website of you. Between the Billboard and my small blog are worlds. What kind of promotion do you prefer and why are you still into answering small blogs like me? (read the last part of the sentese with a smile)

N: We think it’s important to maintain good relationships with everyone who reaches out to us. Fans, blogs, press…anyone. True fans are the most important thing a band can have so we make sure to engage with everyone.

SOML: I’ve seen you guys last your at the Berlin Festival 2014 and a couple of days ago at the Introducing in Berlin. The MELT! Festival will be the third time I see you. So between the Berlin Festival and the Introducing there was a difference about your Performance into a more powerful performance as last year. It seems you growing up and feeling free on stage now. What are your plans for the MELT Festival and what stage are you performing?

N: Not sure what stage yet…but we just want to keep making our live show better. The more material we write the more we want to improve our live show. We’re very meticulous with that now, we think about every detail which has proven hard without financial support but hopefully the music has translated well. We hope to bring a whole new set to MELT!

SOML: And the last question. Do you have currently a favourite band or musician who is totally unknown and the world should know about them/him?

N: Emilie Nicolas and her band are just incredible. We cannot recommend her music enough, we predict massive things are about to happen in their world!

The brand new Fickle Friends Single ‚Play‘ you can buy via:

iTunes: Fickle Friends – Play
Amazon: Fickle Friends – Play

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